4th edition


  Cafeteatret - Oslo  1th November 2013


BBB Johannes Deimling (DE)



Mia Habib (NO)

Øystein Stene (NO)



Deise Nunes


Special video screen:


by Claire Villacorta & Gian Cruz   Gian Cruz Studio



Monika Sobczak   www.monikasobczak.com


Light Designer :

Artè Mahogany  www.amprod.no


In collaboration with:

. Cafeteatret  www.nordicblacktheatre.no


. PAO  PAO Høstfestival


Supported by:

Oslo Kommune



Artist: Jannine Rivel (SE)

Jannine- choreographer, dancer, performer, teacher based in Gothenburg. She enjoys working and dancing in collaborations with movement based artists and performers which have an individual and personal artistic point of view or starting point. Certified Klein Technique™ Instructor and teaches classes and workshops internationally.  www.janninerivel.com


Title: Tweenes Between Us


The artist is interested in stillness, movement, shiftings and non-linear opposites. A movement poetics in relation to the movements being an important part in the choreographic form.


Work presentation: Live

Artist: Desmond Zeederberg (ZA/UK)

Desmond is a South African visual artist who is based in London. He is currently in his third year of a BA fine art degree at the University of East London. His practice includes performance, installation, video and sculpture. He has exhibited and performed extensively in the UK and South Africa.


Title: The Aversion Project


This work is informed by atrocities commited during the Apartheid regime. Creating a visceral visual narrative by putting the body under extreme stress and attempting to locate the moments where a level of catharsis can be achieved.



Work presentation: live

Artists: William “Bilwa” Costa (US) and Jasmin Schaitl (AT)



William “Bilwa” Costa is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. Jasmin Schaitl is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on live-action based art. They performed together in Vienna, Berlin, Helsinki and Tallinn. www.bilwa.net



Title: collaboration in 9 minutes



collaboration in 9 minutes uses the format and framing of a live stream as a time marker to explore the correlation between, and the potentials of; transformation, alteration, duration and ephemerality. It combines two practices that incorporate movement, sound, action, materials, objects, the body and composition.



Work presentation: Livestream from Austria

Artist: Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald (NO)


Performers: Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald, Laura Askanas (NO) and Anna Nerdrum Bøgwald (NO)


Kristiane is a Norwegian actress, playwrighter and performance artist, educated from Nordic Black Theatre school - Nordic Black Express.


She has completed a performance art study with BBB Johannes Deimling - PAS/ACTS) and recentely collaborting with various artists from abroad such as: Teatr Wiczy in Poland, Institute B61, Cliff Moustache and performers from Sri Lanka. 


Title: “Deborah”


The artist wishes to share a process of a bigger artistic research, she has been doing the recent moths. By showing a sequence of performative pictures, she is telling a story about the “Nine Days Bee Queen, Lady Deborah". In this particular process she wants to develop her way of making images and to try to find the balance between the clarity and the chaos.


Work presentation: Live

Photos: © 2013 by Monika Sobczak. All Rights Reserved.


Acts Practices: All rights reserved


Photos by: Monika Sobczak, Ellen Palmeira, Daniel Castelo Branco, Veronica Pajaro, Daniel Cabrera, Luanda Caja, Fernanda Branco

Logo: Gustavo Duarte


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