Looking for contemporary questionings a theme is chosen to deepen investigations through a performance point of view. Transiting in each ACTS initiatives the actual theme is:






We take as premise that performance occupies a territory in motion, where the soil is all art forms and performance itself is a rhizome root. Performance spreading sideways, creating a complex network of artistic expressions, sprouting new forms of occupation, thirsty for tenuous boundaries where it´s own territory infiltrates within the soil.



From soil we zoom out, looking from above, to map territories where the main object of performance is in direct relation with the body. Those territories are to challenge the body of the artist or the body of the viewer to experience in fullness what happens – only – in the very moment that performance takes place.



In those maps we draw traces of exchange, ephemeral territories of communicability between artist and viewer, occurring as a vivid experience. Proposing new borderlines to refresh the viewer’s perspectives, to engage them to be in attentive presence, as an active subject in the channel of communication.

Acts Practices: All rights reserved


Photos by: Monika Sobczak, Ellen Palmeira, Daniel Castelo Branco, Veronica Pajaro, Daniel Cabrera, Luanda Caja, Fernanda Branco

Logo: Gustavo Duarte


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