Urban resonance

with Linda Granlund





Public place is often a place of passage. Details of cities are disappearing, erased or lost in globalisation. The same is happening to the human voice, its shades and tones. The louder and harder the noise of our environment grows the weaker and quicker our communication becomes.


LAB – Urban Resonance is research and practice of the human voice and resonance inside and between human bodies, in an urban environment.


The key element of the work is a voice of participant. Through various guided exercises we focus on opening the voice and the body of the participant, in and for creative work.


Voice is a way of expressing oneself, sensing and recognising the world and others beyond the words. Voice is like a gravity or force, the way people are reaching and extending towards one another.


Urban Resonance explores voice as a key for tuning in with the world, oneself and other. We create resonating time-spaces in urban areas to expand the concept of a public place: how it has been seen, used and experienced. By bringing human voice in parallel to urban “territories”, we look for ways to resonate within the world and reveal the poetry of urban environment.


The LAB will take place both in studio Torshovloftet and in the urban areas of Oslo, both in group and solo work.


For singers, actors, dancers, performance and -visual artists.

“Voice can be seen as gravity of soul”

Franco Berardi

Acts Practices: All rights reserved


Photos by: Monika Sobczak, Ellen Palmeira, Daniel Castelo Branco, Veronica Pajaro, Daniel Cabrera, Luanda Caja, Fernanda Branco

Logo: Gustavo Duarte


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