In Pulse is an open studio practice based on instant collective creation*.


We explore interactions and compositions within live music, dance, performance art and new technologies.


The session starts with inspiring guidance by one of the resident artists. That gives base for a common creative work, developing new ways of expression and artistic interactions.


The actual theme bounds the improvisation session as well as opens road for further investigations.


Dancers, actors, performers, musicians, media, – and visual artists are welcome to participate.


*instant collective creation is an improvisation practice, developed by ACTS, to create in real-time short performances.




Oslo - Torshovloftet – Vogts gt 64 at Soria Moria


Tromsø - Vestregate 48 at Radstue, Speilsalen


Via Skype: Any artist, anywhere in the world is welcome to participate. If you need more info, please contact us.


In Pulse is supported by Fond for utøvende kunstnere in partnership with Torshovloftet and RadArt – Tromsønettverk for fri scenekunst (

Acts Practices: All rights reserved


Photos by: Monika Sobczak, Ellen Palmeira, Daniel Castelo Branco, Veronica Pajaro, Daniel Cabrera, Luanda Caja, Fernanda Branco

Logo: Gustavo Duarte


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